Selecting Appropriate Gifts For Your Bridal Party

marriage gifts

While the groom is thinking of what gifts he’ll be getting for the guys, the bride has the maid of honor and the bridesmaids to think about. First, the maid of honor is someone known to be special in your life such as a sister or best friend so you likely know what she will appreciate the most for a gift.

Take the time to make it special and unique to her personality and to your relationship. As with the groomsmen gifts, use resources such as online wedding stores, catalogs or local stores to make your choice. It is always nice to personalize items with initials or with a special phrase the two of you have shared. You may consider a keepsake box or jewelry.

For the bridesmaids, you can get something uniform and then add a special touch that shows each are appreciated individually. As an example, you can find a purse or cosmetic bag and add their initials on the front. Use the style of your wedding as a guide. If you are having a summer wedding, find things such as a pair of flip flops that you can have monogrammed. You will want your closest friends to remember that they had a special part in your wedding.

You want to express your gratitude so find something that means a lot to both of you. Most likely the bride and the bridesmaids have shared special times together especially in the last few days of the bride’s single life. A photo box is a nice idea in which memories of each aspect of the wedding planning and wedding itself can be stored away for the future.

Consider buying jewelry that the bridesmaids can wear with their dresses such as a beautiful set which includes a matching necklace, earrings and bracelet. Another idea would be that of an evening bag or purse that can be used on the wedding day. In this way, your gift will not just express your thanks for their friendship but is also practical.

Have some fun with these ideas. You can’t go wrong with what you buy as a gift for someone; especially your girl friends. It’s the thought that counts. Don’t forget a little card to accompany your gift.