Flowers and Decorations

wedding flowers

So the BIG day is near. You’ve got your dress, your bride’s maids have their dress, the tuxedos are altered and waiting. What about the church, park, old world winery grounds, and where will the wedding pictures take place?

Do you want pink roses, yellow carnations, or lilies? All these are to be taken into consideration and not at the last moment. You want the surrounds of the wedding to be just as spectacular as the bride and groom.

One woman wants a beach wedding. When asked how she wants to decorate she simply said, “No chairs, no flowers (she’s allergic), and no fru-fru stuff.” That doesn’t leave a lot of room to plan a grand wedding, though it helps keep a low budget. Admittedly, this woman is the rare exception. But, will there be any planning to do? Absolutely. Ribbon. Lots and lots of ribbon. A gauze umbrella covering for the ceremony, and silk flowers.

Even with the most extreme cases there is a ton of planning to put into it. This means… a budget. How much do you want to invest in flowers, and what kind of decorations can improve a bland setting without going overboard? Start with a clean slate. Draw it out on paper and use colored pencils. This can be done for any setting, any size wedding as well.

It doesn’t need to be professional, just accurate to find your preferences. Lay out the area for the ceremony and add a little at a time until you see something you like. Once you’ve got the ideas in place, you can set a budget and begin to window shop for the items you’ll need. Be careful that you don’t begin to late in the planning stages because you never know when you might have to special order to get just what you want.

Have at least two choice locations to select from for your wedding. Also, you will probably have to reserve the site for the day you choose. Be sure to ask if decorations are on hand, some places prefer to provide their own pre-approved decorations, or if you can, or have to provide your own. If they provide them it’s probably for a fee, add that to your budget. Don’t leave any stone unturned for the big day. Don’t think it’ll work itself out if you didn’t think of something before hand. It might, but usually not without some help from the planner(s), either professional, or personal.

Another way to help the budget is to buy raw materials and make some of the decorations yourself. Have a day with your bridesmaids, family, even the groomsmen since it’s the groom’s day too. Make the corsage’s for each person who will wear one. Usually those include the brides maids, the groom and his men, the mothers and fathers of the couple, the minister/priest, if there will be a wedding singer you may want them to wear one, as well as the pianist/organist.

Will the minister’s wife participate? Some arrange the bridal gown for the bride’s walk down the aisle, and oversee the reception afterwards. Some of these will be made by preference and choice on the couple’s part. Don’t be afraid to ask for his opinion on details for the day’s events. After all, he’s getting married, too.

It’s a fun way to get the families involved and gives them a sense of doing something to help. Give family members specific jobs alleviates some of the pressures off you, too. Give auntie the floral positioning, cousin can take charge, with your instructions, of the corsage party, brother can make sure parking is in order for the guests.

Have him get his friends together to decorate/mark special parking spaces for immediate wedding party members, and act as parking attendants to save money. You can have name plates made for these slots. Not everything needs to be store bought, store made.

This event is one of the best times to allow everyone’s creative juices to flow openly.