A Fresh Beginning With Spring Weddings

spring wedding

Although a spring-themed wedding is probably the freshest and most pleasant theme to choose from all of the four seasons, it is quite surprising that it only ranks third as the most popular among them, trailing behind summer and autumn. This shouldn’t put the slightest dent on your resolve though; spring weddings are very popular nonetheless.

Lots of couples take advantage of this season of renewed hopes and fresh beginnings to tie the knot, ushering in a new season in their life as a wedded couple. To be sure, weddings which revolve around this theme are closely associated with floral elements, emulating and celebrating the rebirth of nature in spring.

While on the subject of flora, there is a wide variety of flowers to choose from and use for the occasion. Those which are particularly abundant and in season are Gerber daisies, roses, lilies, tulips, and hyacinths.

Calla lilies which come in a myriad of colors are also a popular choice, and will particularly look lovely as part of a spring arrangement. Try a combination of these blooms with lemon leaf; you can also make a nosegay out of a bunch, simple and hand-tied.

The color scheme for the theme should be inspired by the main elements associated with the season: flowers and foliage. The best way to select colors for your wedding theme is to visit a nursery and see the shades of color the flowers which are in season are exhibiting; most likely you will find that the secondary colors are the most appropriate center hue upon which the entire scheme revolves around, such as shades of green or purple, or the lighter shades of the primary colors like varying pinks, lighter blues, and buttery yellow.

Complementing accent colors should be at least a shade deeper or lighter than the central color, and highlight these with metallic shades to enhance the effect.


Keep the color combinations in mind when arranging for the decorations in the wedding and reception venues. If the wedding ceremony is intended to be held outdoors, make sure that the colors remain vibrant and distinct when bathed in sunlight. After the wedding service, instead of using rice for the exit ceremony, have the guests shower the couple with rose petals for added color, or better yet, release butterflies at the entrance to the wedding venue.

For the reception, you can use a lot of contrasts in order to evoke a picnic feel to the gathering; try using polka dot patterned table cloths or gingham fabrics with ribbon accents. Emphasize color contrasts by using chairs in alternating pink and green patterns. If the reception guests include a fair-sized group of children, use a may pole for entertainment and ornamental purposes.

Centerpieces for the reception tables may allude to Easter through the use of white wicker baskets which are overflowing with abundant in-season blooms. An inexpensive yet equally appropriate alternative centerpiece would be a terracotta pot with an affixed Styrofoam ball, covered with spring moss and ivy, and accented with small candles or rose petals. Wedding favors may be anything from seed packets, birdhouses (!), a bird’s nest filled to the brim with egg candies, or ceramic Easter eggs.

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