Wedding Bells In Fiji

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Best known for being a premiere diving site, Fiji has now become a romantic destination for weddings for more adventurous couples. Imagine: soft white sand beneath your feet, the scent of a thousand tropical flowers, palm trees waving in the warm ocean breeze…it’s like a honeymoon from start to finish, straight out of a postcard.

The great thing about planning a Fiji wedding is its intimacy. It isn’t like a bustling tourist destination filled with vacationers, yet Fiji has played host to thousands of weddings to be able to give all the comforts of personalized service and rich details combined. Plenty of sites online offer complete wedding and honeymoon packages should you be unsure of where exactly to say “I do” in the Fijis.

For those contemplating a very private wedding party, why not get a Matangi Island or a Vomo Island package? Both are private islands accessible by helicopter or seaplane, and hold rustic amenities to make you and the future spouse feel like pampered versions of Adam and Eve.

Matangi Island in particular has become a favourite because of its spectacular views of rainforests and the coast. Newly refurbished amenities include beachfront inns and quaint tree houses, should you choose to spend your honeymoon there, as well. On the other hand, Vomo Island offers villas complete with sun decks to recline in, as well as hillside retreats with a breathtaking view of the azure South Sea waters meeting pristine white-sand beaches.

For a different kind of wedding party that also insists on privacy, there can only be the Likuliku Lagoon in Fiji. Located on Malolo Island in the Mamanuca Group of islands, it features ten dramatic bungalows built on the water for an altogether different island experience. Guests will be totally surrounded by crystal-clear water, and can experience a real slice of island life minus all the technical gadgetry so intrusive of a real get-away.

Then there are the dive resorts that have made Fiji so famous. Fijian Island scuba diving is tops, because once underwater you can see colourful corals coming alive and belching out exotic fish from their depths.

Now, if you’re feeling really adventurous and non-conformist about your wedding ceremony, why not consider an underwater wedding in Fiji? Whether you’re certified divers or beginners, plenty of resorts in Fiji offer underwater wedding packages for around a thousand dollars.

These usually include a chartered boat for the dive, a minister to conduct the wedding ceremony, the marriage license, and some other details that will make the experience more memorable, such as video and photo amenities.

Picture all the romantic aspects of a dream get-away, and combine those with your dream wedding. You will get much, much more once you decide to take the marital plunge in this most romantic of wedding destinations.

Complete privacy, tropical touches, the chance to truly have your wedding ceremony personalized, a local culture rich with tradition, and fine white sand from beginning to end…it’s like a Garden of Eden set far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Now that is truly a destination wedding.

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