You’ve Confirmed An Engagement! How To Spread the Word

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Once he’s popped the question and slipped the ring on the finger, it’s time to take the next step in making your dream of walking down the aisle as a beautiful, blushing bride come true: announce the engagement! Yes, you have to let the whole world in on your not-so-little secret. And you can make the announcement in ways which can be creative or traditional, depending on your personality and preference as a couple.

One of the more common ways of announcing an engagement is through a published placement in a newspaper. With this option you get more mileage with your announcement, especially if the paper has a broad circulation base. Usually, the paper requires the announcement to follow strict guidelines before being published.

You may have to supply them with a picture of specific dimensions and color, and include details about the wedding, such as the location, your maiden name and the name of the groom, and other information of particular interest.

Be careful not to state the exact date of the wedding, as it provides an opportunity for crashers (or worse, burglars) to barge in and make the nuptial worth remembering in the wrong way. Keep the announcement brief, as the paper will have to edit the placement in order to fit its specific style and format.

If you are of the traditional type, you can announce the engagement at a party set up for just that purpose. This affords you the guilty pleasure of seeing the mixed emotions of your friends and relatives once you announce the news (of course, the inner circle of the couple’s family and friends should know about the engagement beforehand so as not to offend them), and he confirms it with a kiss.

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See to it that you only invite people at the party whom you expect to see at your wedding, and don’t make the announcement at another gathering such as someone else’s birthday party in order not to upstage the person.

Now, if you are really the conservative type, you can send formal engagement announcements by mail or courier. While this means may put a strain on your schedule and on your pocket, you’ll be able to sate your romantic side with stationery and wording which are customized to suit your personality; and if you include the date on the message, it will also serve as a save-the-date announcement. However, you’ll need to plan your mailing list early on, and there’s a chance the recipient will mistake it for a wedding invitation.

You can also take advantage of today’s technology by sending the announcement by email instead of courier mail. This is probably the easiest and most cost-effective way to send the news. There are online sites which offer the user options in creating his or her own personalized web page, and you can use them to post your announcement in the most creative way you can.

You can then notify the recipients of the existence of the site by email. Use this method along with the others already mentioned in order to get the best benefits of the placement.